A Playground for Everyone

February 7, 2017 | Culture & Community, Diversity & Inclusion

What if you could take the family someplace where everyone could play together without leaving out a child in a wheelchair or one with impaired vision? I read recently about a North Carolina town that was getting ready to break ground on an inclusion playground for children of all abilities.

Here’s the thing about an inclusion playground: An inclusion playground is not just inclusive to disabled kids,

Smithfield Parks and Recreation Director Gary Johnson told the News & Observer.

It allows my child who is disabled to play with his sibling who is not. It allows families to play together who may have one disabled child, but they can come together and play. There’s something to do for everyone. We want it to be all inclusive, meaning everyone.


What a great community builder and a way to make sure no one is left out of the fun.

There could be swings for several kids or single ones so that anyone could strap in and swing without concern for abilities. There could be places for playing to color, design and sound. They’d help social skills develop and widen our children’s opportunities s to meet more people who are different from themselves. I suspect there would also be opportunities for physical, sensory and cognitive development as well.

Who knew?

Apparently they are springing up across the country, but at least where I live, they have a low profile.

I just checked the internet and am glad to see that the Richmond-area now has more than one. So a word to other parents who want to take the entire family to play — or those who want their children to interact with a variety of kids — use your favorite search engine to find an inclusion playground near you and let the good times roll!