Anybody Can Play

March 8, 2017 | Culture & Community, Diversity & Inclusion

The funny thing about history is that it’s always in the making. We’re living it every day. And with even the most mundane, seemingly insignificant choices we make, we define our roles in its course.

During official observances such as Black History Month and Women’s History Month, we fittingly pay tribute to the canon of greats, the legends, the pioneers, many of whom inspire us through actions from a remote past. With the passage of time, their contributions – which may have encountered ridicule and resistance in their eras — are now generally accepted as the deeds of visionaries whom history has judged favorably.

Whatever political ideologies we espouse, I think we can agree that there’s much work to be done in our time to bring us all closer to the more just world we envision. We may differ in our notions of what that world would look like, but what matters is that each of us, every day, has the potential to help shape history.

For every social challenge yet to be tackled, there are present-day, ordinary people who are using whatever resources they have at their disposal to mold the future.

On March 8, this year’s International Women’s Day, organizers from around the globe are issuing a call to action for women and men across national, racial, and socioeconomic borders. Promoting awareness of subjects ranging from reproductive rights and environmental justice to antiracist feminism, the event offers ways that people from all backgrounds can get involved, regardless of their circumstances. Coinciding with this event is A Day Without a Woman, highlighting the impact of women on the workplace and economy.

These large-scale, inclusive efforts invite individuals to be a part of history, and are just a couple of examples of the big things that can happen when many of us take action. What each of us does matters, and we all have a say in the tomorrow we create.