organizational assessment

Diversity fuels
creativity and conflict

Our team engages audiences of all backgrounds, cultures, and levels of diversity. Through skillful implementation of precisely conceived strategies, we develop and leverage inclusion, human equity, and cultural competence to optimize organizational development.

We listen and foster dialogue

Our most effective engagements start with TMI’s organizational assessment. This data gathering process includes listening to client concerns and challenges while creating space for safe, productive dialogue. Our data gathering process is inclusive, engaging, and effective. We use a mixed-method approach, relying on both qualitative and quantitative metrics to inform our final report and recommendations.

We craft custom solutions

Our strategies are based on a holistic understanding of the unique challenges your workforce is facing. Once the presenting problem is diagnosed and quantified, we work with our clients to co-create a system-wide integration strategy. By providing insight around implications and inputs from the onset, our clients own the resulting initiative. This targeted approach provides a sustainable solution and maximizes client ROI.

Chart showing cultural competence and diversity of thought increasing productivity and innovation.

We're on a mission

We believe cultural competence increases productivity and that diversity of thought yields innovation. That’s why TMI focuses our work on strengthening communities through quantifiable social impact. This core belief drives each of our management consulting offerings.

TMI Consulting loves B Corp

We hold ourselves accountable

We maintain a voluntary, externally audited, Certified Benefit Corporation status that institutionalizes a triple bottom line sustainability framework. Our B Corp status helps us measure and improve our financial, social, and environmental performance.