mixed method assessment

Flat-Fee, Mixed-Method Assessment

TMI’s engagements begin with a clear determination of the current state and desired end state. This allows both TMI and the client to measure progress and know when the engagement is complete.

Our Methodology is Tested & Approved

We have developed a proprietary methodology that has been longitudinally field-tested and statistically validated by subject matter experts and data analysts.

This methodology includes:

  • Auditing existing organizational data
  • Conducting confidential one-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • TMI’s Inclusion for Innovation® Assessment

Product Features

  • Measuring the overall level of employee and stakeholder engagement, communication, and connection to the organization’s mission
  • Laying the groundwork for equitable engagement by uncovering any differences in the level of engagement by demographic groups, potentially including age, tenure, management status, race, gender and any other groups identified in concert with staff
  • Revealing the self-reported cultural competence of employees
  • Assessing the climate for dialogue about sensitive topics and overall strength of teams
  • Measuring the perceptions of leadership at all levels
  • Creating a baseline for metrics that can be used in the future to measure progress

Fully Engage Your Staff & Stakeholders

An organizational culture and stakeholder assessment allows leaders to respond to data instead of anecdotes and intuition. By creating an opportunity for employees and stakeholders to have input on their perspectives and experiences, leadership can respond to actual problems instead of perceived problems.

We Provide a Comprehensive Analysis

Our skilled data analysts will provide a quantitative analysis of the statistical relevance of both favorable and derailing behaviors. The assessment team then synthesizes data into one comprehensive report with recommendations.