B Corp Champions Challenge

October 25, 2014 | B-Corp, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Organizational Culture, Social Enterprise


Earlier this month I attended my second B Champions Retreat. This is the annual retreat where the B Corp community comes together and refocus our collective energy on using the power of business to benefit society and the environment. B Corps come together to celebrate our collective success and the growth of the global movement. Individually, our actions create ripples that build a current to redefine success in business.

Together we are building a new economy that is more inclusive and sustainable and that will influence the next generation of leaders to come.The B Corp movement is gaining momentum with 1,128 Certified B Corporations in 35 countries representing 121 industries. Ryan Honeyman introduced the groundbreaking B Corp Handbook so people can better understand the power and processes behind the B Corp mystique.

My company, TMI Consulting, teamed up with B Lab to create a B Corp Inclusion Academy to help our community address diversity challenges more effectively. We launched The pilot B Corp Inclusion academy in Richmond, VA and a dozen Virginia B Corp leaders, recruiters, employees, and Human Resources representatives participated in an interactive 8-hour session. Fellow B Corp, Strategic Sustainability Consulting, wrote a blog post about their B Corp Inclusion Academy experience. The condensed pilot was a Master Class version of the full, multi-day academy. TMI helped increase individual diversity and inclusion competency, taught participants how to create inclusive teams and businesses, and we discussed how to respond to a rapidly changing world. We considered the B Corp ideal of creating a positive vision of a better way to do business, but through a diversity lens.

B Lab and TMI issued a challenge to the B Corp community:

The community of B Corps that submits the most compelling application for a B Corp Inclusion Academy session, both by numbers and passion for the topic, will win a scholarship for TMI to bring the Academy to their city or workplace. The power to change the world starts one community at a time. I am excited to see which B Corp community will most enthusiastically take up the inclusion mantle and stand up for diversity. If you own or are employed by a B Corp, get your letters of interest in to TMI by November 1st, 2014. Good Luck!

Originally published on Linkedin: 10/25/14