TMI Shares Its Signature Facilitation Expertise to Explore Richmond History

Feb 27, 2013
TMI Shares Its Signature Facilitation Expertise to Explore Richmond History

When you go to the Valentine Richmond History Center to participate in this year’s Community Conversations, expect to be given a hand-held wireless keypad to use during the conversation.

It doesn’t matter whether you talk during the meeting because you’ll be able to make your preferences known by pushing a button at appropriate times. TMI Consulting Inc. facilitators are leading the sessions on recent decades in Richmond history. It is part of a Sesquicentennial Celebration collaboration with the Valentine Richmond History Center, The Future of Richmond’s Past and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.

“This is truly a community conversation, not simply a lecture,” says TMI CEO Tiffany Jana. “We are trying to create an experience where we hear and value the stories of all members of the community, not just a few experts. As people share their first-hand accounts of their experiences, we will have a much more accurate picture of our region and our communal home.”

“We have worked with TMI on a wide variety of projects over the last few years,” says Valentine Richmond History Center Director William J. Martin. “From diversity training for our entire staff to a series of community conversations focused on the new approaches to Richmond history, Tiffany and TMI President Matthew Freeman have been great partners with the Valentine Richmond History Center. TMI’s program designs create environments for open discussion and learning that are helping to redefine and broaden our organization’s and our community’s understanding of the creativity and power that can be found in a more inclusive and informed understanding of our past.”

In addition to addressing the decade of the month, people at the Conversations will look at a newly drafted tourism map for Richmond. The map includes current versions of Richmond’s Slave Trail and the proposed Richmond Liberty Trail. These trails will provide visitors with a comprehensive view of the city’s history from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement.

This series is the third set of Community Conversations facilitated by TMI. The series is to engage in a dialogue about the region’s past and how that past can more positively shape the area’s future.

Community Conversations are held at the Valentine Richmond History Center, 1015 East Clay Street, Richmond. Sessions are free and open to the public. Parking is available on the street or at the History Center lot at the corner of 10th and Clay.

For information on the Community Conversations call 804-649-0711 X 322.