Check Your Privilege

December 6, 2016 | Diversity & Inclusion, Overcoming Bias

In this season when so many of us are thinking of gifts, I realize the fact that we can build authentic relationships is a gift. These genuine connections combine curiosity, kindness, care, concern, empathy, compassion, presence, shared values, pride, sincerity, inclusion, warmth, listening, respect and understanding.

Wow — that’s a mouthful!

Authentic relationships with people take time — often with lots of ups and downs along the way.

Be gentle with yourself to get past your bias and remember that your intention is to understand a person who is different from you and sees the world differently.

Suspend your judgement and wrap your head around someone else’s point of view.

In our book Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences, Matthew Freeman and I remind you to check your privilege (and your ego).
You may have had advantages available to your group that aren’t available to others — that’s privilege. And privilege can blind you to challenges others face.

Tell your ego to quiet down and expand your curiosity.

Find out more about privilege, diversity and giving back here in my TEDx Talk.

Privilege does not make anyone better than anyone else. We are truly equals.

Good News!

Everybody wins when we bring people together across differences and inclusion is realized.

Seek out diverse relationships. Remember to build bridges and forget about making assumptions. Look for ways to be open to others telling you their stories. These may introduce you to views you never dreamed of.
We look forward to the day when kids will read about how we used to think some people were inherently better than others and they will think “That’s so crazy!”