(Don't) Guess My Race

In partnership with Interactive Diversity Solutions, we offer this unique interactive diversity program based on social science research that decreases implicit bias while increasing cultural understanding and empathy in the workplace.

Please try a demo and then contact us for more information about how this essential program can help your organization.



  • Increases employee retention and productivity.
  • Improves working relationships.
  • Stimulates productive discussions about difficult issues.
  • Develops critical thinking perspective on diversity issues.
  • Enhances insight into cultural construction of identity.


  • Assessment to ensure users are retaining key lessons.
  • Simple implementation.
  • User data tracking and analytics.
  • Over 100 lessons using real people with varied backgrounds.
  • Makes diversity training fun, engaging and relevant.

eLearning App Creators

(Don’t) Guess My Race was created by Michael Baran and Michael Handelman, co-founders of Interactive Diversity Solutions. Michael Baran, PhD, is a cultural anthropologist who has researched issues related to race and diversity for 20 years. He has taught courses on these subjects at Harvard University and the University of Michigan and consults for businesses and schools around race related issues.

Michael Handelman has been creating educational interactive multi-media for the past 14 years. He has produced and designed over 100 products with combined sales of over 50 million units. Several of these products have won awards such as the Educational Toy of the Year, Children’s Technology Review All Star Award and Parents’ Choice Gold Seal.

Interactive Diversity Solutions

Interactive Diversity Solutions brings together art, technology and education to get people thinking and talking about diversity in an entirely new way. Their goal is to bring some of the fascinating anthropological, historical, psychological and sociological insights about race and diversity to wider audiences — in businesses, schools and government institutions.



Contact us to book a special session featuring (Don’t) Guess My Race expert on new ways to think and talk about race, Michael Baran, PhD.