Chaz Barracks

Founder of I AM MY LIFE & Public Speaker

We all have a story to tell. Often, those stories are filled with adversity, challenge and triumph. Chaz Barracks believes that we can harness the power of these personal narratives to develop successful careers, create meaningful relationships, and bring communities together.

Backed by the University of Richmond, Chaz created I AM MY LIFE four years ago. Today, I AM MY LIFE has dozens of partners, supporters, and collaborators. They have each participated in I AM MY LIFE programs that leverage personal narratives to teach the principles of inclusivity in educational, professional, and civic settings. Chaz writes, speaks, and develops programs and curriculums customized for specific organizational needs. The I AM MY LIFE model easily opens avenues for meaningful conversations around inclusivity and provides tools for bridging change. It incorporates creative mediums–from dance to painting–to promote acceptance and cultural understanding.

Chaz shares his own personal story during the programs. He demonstrates how people and groups can turn adversities into positive energy and embrace similarities over differences. His programs are moving and the impact is long lasting.


  • Virginia State University
  • The University of Richmond
  • The Bonner Scholars Program (National Student Conferences)
  • Change the World RVA
  • Richmond Autism Integration Network (RAIN)
  • Friends School of Baltimore
  • ART 180
  • Richmond Public Library
  • Bounce Back Community Development (South Africa)
  • Zip Zap Circus School (South Africa)
  • Hitachi Second High School (Japan)
  • Mito International Association (Japan)
  • Akita International University (Japan).
  • Chaz is also a regular contributor to Splice Today and is published in the anthology “For Colored Boys,” edited by Keith Boykin.


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