Dale Beck - Systems Administrator

Dale Beck

Systems Administrator

Dale Beck is TMI’s IT guru. His role is to make sure that all technology is working properly so that the rest of the team can perform at their best. An avid researcher, he is always on the lookout for technological innovations and resources to enhance internal operations and TMI’s overall customer experience.

Helping to build inclusion one byte at a time.

Working in the Information Technology field for over 5 years, Dale has spent the last 3 years as a consultant with Epsilon Systems Consultants. IC3 certified, he is constantly in pursuit of additional education–staying up to date on the latest “best practices.” A natural problem-solver, Dale jokes that he actually has 20+ years of trouble-shooting experience.

When he is not tackling the next greatest IT challenge, Dale can be found managing his urban “farmlet” or at a Richmond Flying Squirrels game.