David Campt, PhD

Lead Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Campt has degrees from Princeton and UC Berkeley, and has led White House efforts to evaluate and publicize racial reconciliation programs, and designed and delivered courses to philanthropists about structural inequities. He played a key advisory role in building a division of equity and inclusion at a top university, and has been solicited for advice by Members of Congress in the midst of a public racial controversy.

One of my chief professional passions is using my wisdom to help organizations and leaders make savvy decisions in order to promote better decision-making and greater social inclusion. I work with TMI because our combined experience and complementary approaches facilitate laudable outcomes in high-stakes situations.

Dr. Campt’s commitment to mining the potential of group intelligence has led him to become a recognized expert in the use of electronic audience response technology. In addition to helping skilled facilitators accelerate and deepen dialogue events, Dr. Campt assists clients in deploying this technology–making a wide variety of group events more engaging and enjoyable.

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