Deborah Egerton, PhD

Lead Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Egerton is a highly sought-after diversity and inclusion thought leader, executive coach, and speaker. She has been the proprietor of a pioneering diversity consulting firm for nearly 20 years. Dr. Egerton’s background in psychology and behavioral health has given her an edge in a field where most consultants focus on finger pointing and blame. Dr. Egerton’s contributions to TMI have shaped our aspirational approach, as we use much of the methodology she developed over decades of working in the field.

The key to organizational change and well-being lies with the individual. We can no longer funnel energy into scatter-shot solutions designed to fit everyone and no one in particular. Individual accountability, coaching, professional, and leadership development is what moves companies from their current state to a desired state that works well for everyone.

An expert in the Enneagram Personality Typology, Dr. Egerton is a proponent of measurable impact and personality driven leadership awareness. She is a fierce advocate for ethical leadership and she has helped shape the careers and companies of high-integrity global change makers.