Ebony Walden, MUEP - Consultant & Facilitator

Ebony Walden, MUEP

Lead Consultant and Facilitator

Ebony’s passion lies in developing dynamic people, strategies, and processes that help to create healthy organizations and thriving communities.

My primary vocation is being a community builder. Diversity and inclusion are essential to the work of building and rebuilding healthy and vibrant communities.

As a professional coach, facilitator and urban planner, Ebony is dedicated to facilitating change in people, organizations and communities. She is able to lead workshops and trainings, design processes, develop strategies, and coordinate community outreach efforts with ease and enthusiasm.

Ebony brings with her over 10 years of experience that includes neighborhood and comprehensive planning, facilitating public involvement processes, and coordinating a leadership development program at the City of Charlottesville. Most recently, she led a citizen’s movement to build support for rapid transit within metropolitan Richmond.

When Ebony is not writing poetry, or learning new skills, she enjoys live music, local restaurants and fellowship with close friends.

Awards and Achievements