Jamaal Crone, M.A.R., M.ED.


Jamaal has worked in outreach and service programs serving youth, individuals who experience homelessness, trauma, incarceration, substance abuse, and severe mental illness for over a decade.

I use techniques that emphasize validation, accepting uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and behaviors instead of constantly warring with them.  My goal is to help clients find a balance between acceptance and change. My approach to inclusion and my personal journey are strongly aligned with TMI’s core values. 

Jamaal’s deep dedication to social justice and equality has landed him the title of a “Man for Others.” Jamaal’s commitment to cultural awareness and diversity began with his mission work in Haiti and Guatemala. There, he focused on housing stability and developing sustainable infrastructure.

Jamaal holds multiple advanced degrees, ranging from speech communication and religious studies to mental health and family therapy.  Jamaal brings to TMI a diverse background, proven commitment, and experiences that amplify our community reach, impact, and understanding.