Jazmine Butts - Research Assistant

Jazmine Butts

Research Assistant

With a glass-always-half-full mentality, Jazmine serves as our Research Assistant aka “Systematic Investigator.”  She keeps our research relevant and current while working closely with Matthew on some of his projects.

With so much in the news regarding all kinds of identity related issues and topics, there has been much discussion about increasing cultural competence, diversity and inclusion.  However, it often times gets no further than that conversation.  Unfortunately, words like diversity are used so often, they seem more like buzz words than actual action words.  I believe there is a big difference between being diverse and achieving diversity, and fortunately, so does TMI.  The TMI team successfully goes beyond fruitful dialogue with clients and is able to implement a variety of beneficial and innovative interventions and approaches.

Jazmine recently obtained her B.S. degree from George Mason University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Management.  While at Mason, Jazmine researched the intersections of race, class and gender as they relate to each other as well as helping professions, student athletes and macro level systems.  She has a real passion for people, identities and equality.  She is an avid foodie and a musician, so she spends her free time at new restaurants, festivals and anything dealing with the arts.  She also enjoys hanging out with family and friends.