Julie Marshall, MA Lead Consultant & Facilitator

Julie Marshall, MA

Diversity Management Consultant & Facilitator

Julie Marshall is a passionate diversity and inclusion consultant, training designer, and facilitator who is fueled by creating “a-ha” moments for clients. She has over 18 years experience working on diversity and inclusion issues, employee engagement, team building, culture change, and organizational development.

I love humans! We’re so funny and infinitely interesting.  I am consistently impressed with our desire to do better and work together. I get energized by the wonderful, sometimes misguided, and amazing ways we interact.

One of the ways diversity shows up in Julie’s life is in her mix of educational and work experiences. She earned a BS in Industrial Engineering, a BFA in Theatre and a Masters in Human Resource Development. Her work with organizations includes Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and community organizations.

Her stand for equality has included Equality Virginia board membership and being among the elite facilitators selected to teach a course on dialogue at an International Peace Builder’s conference in Caux, Switzerland—where she met Matthew Freeman.

When not working or dreaming of Broadway stardom, her passions include her family and furry children, travel, theatre, running, gastronomic adventures, and occasionally successful attempts at baking.