MaryAnn Gonzalez, MA - Consultant + Executive Coach

MaryAnn Gonzalez, MA

Consultant + Executive Coach

A fierce believer in the ability of organizations to excel functionally and culturally, MaryAnn’s talent lies in her ability to pinpoint and resolve personal development and business issues that stifle performance and creativity. Through a safe and supportive relationship, MaryAnn works with TMI’s clients to enhance their enthusiasm, personal power and organizational impact.

I believe that open dialogue, perspective taking and commitment to outstanding results are the stuff that innovation is made of.

MaryAnn has 10+ years experience providing consulting and coaching to Fortune 500 companies on leadership development, employee engagement, and culture shifts. Referred to as the “employee whisperer,” she has a knack for facilitating difficult conversations to improve working relationships. A diverse background of having spent some of her formative years on communes, studying theatre, and working in the insurance industry on Wall Street, have given MaryAnn unusual insights into human and group dynamics. She later formalized these experiences with a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

When she isn’t helping to build bridges between diverse thinkers, dreamers and innovators, you will likely find MaryAnn indulging in a little Tex Mex, or spending quality time with her new muse—her young baby boy.