Matthew A. Shapiro - Consultant and Public Speaker

Matthew A. Shapiro

Lead Consultant and Public Speaker

By combining his personal disability experience with the knowledge he has gained through completing numerous disability-training programs, Matthew is uniquely qualified to help make your company, organization, or community become more disability aware.

We have to start considering that diversity and inclusion should embrace those with disabilities because they are one of the most diverse populations that exist. There is a saying that the disability community uses that describes diversity well; “nothing about us without us,” and I want to make sure that society comprehends this concept.

As a consultant for TMI, and as founder of 6 Wheels Consulting, Matthew works daily to expand his client’s understanding of disabilities, and to give them knowledge they can use in any environment.

As a person with a disability, he has spent most of his life striving to teach those he has met how to better understand the disability community. Over the past 8 years, Matthew has been actively involved in numerous disability and youth related boards, organizations, and programs. Matthew has also shared his knowledge and experience through a variety of public speaking engagements across the nation.

When not working, Matthew enjoys watching sports and traveling as much as possible.