Matthew Freeman, MA

Principal Consultant

Matthew’s passion for racial equity and social justice has led him across the United States and overseas, helping people connect across difference and begin to address the challenges that divide them. Matthew believes the solutions to our most intractable problems, like social division and poverty, require bold leadership willing to try risky and innovative solutions. When given the opportunity, he can help groups find the courage to tackle their most pernicious problems and move toward collaboration, mutual understanding, and action.

If you’re trying to create a new way of being, you can’t discover it ahead of time

As TMI’s Principal Consultant, he oversees our facilitation and training designs, leads our research teams, and keeps us all guessing what our resident philosopher is up to. Matthew, fun-loving as he is kind, is the sneakiest practical joker in the office. It’s no wonder that he and Tiffany chose April Fools’ Day to start TMI Consulting!

Publications & Honors