Sara Tandy - Associate Consultant and B Keeper

Sara Tandy

Associate Consultant and B Keeper

As an Associate Consultant, Sara is developing in the fields of facilitation and presentation, as well as playing an integral role in the design and implementation of new ideas and strategies. Sara is also our resident “B Keeper”– she monitors, modifies, and advises us and our clients about Certified B Corp issues.

I love the idea that everyone at the table not only feels included in the conversation, but that the table itself was designed with them in mind.

A social justice advocate, Sara helps advise the team on LGBTQ and community engagement strategies. A VCU Women’s Studies graduate, Sara’s education focused on the intersections of race, class, and gender. In the past she has worked in the areas of Reproductive Health Education and LGBTQ Marriage Equality.

Evident in her facilitation style, Sara’s passions lie in finding ways for others to feel celebrated and energized. When she’s not cracking a joke in front of the room, Sara is a co-parent to two tiny beasts, a musician, kayaker, and occasional debater of string theory.

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