Skyler Broughman

Administrative Manager

Skyler’s passion for diversity, inclusion and equality has brought him to TMI as the administrative manager.  He works with the staff to plan, organize and implement administrative office systems to ensure that the TMI team of consultants is able to do their jobs effectively.

I believe that in these tumultuous political and social times, conversations about diversity and inclusion often end as simply buzzwords and empty rhetoric. The approach TMI takes is one with honest, open dialogue, which I connect to. Years of working in theatre have taught me a lot but one thing that has resonated the most is that a small group can make a huge difference. I’m very lucky to be working with a group like TMI.

One of the largest examples of diversity in Skyler’s life is the dichotomy between his educational and career backgrounds. He earned his BA in Technical Theatre with a concentration in lighting design. Through that career path he found that organization and attention to detail ultimately garners the best results. This knowledge led him to the Administrative Manager position at TMI.

When not scheduling engagements for the TMI team and keeping Tiffany on track, Skyler continues to pursue his interest in lighting design. He also enjoys photography, being a semi-successful cook, and weightlifting.