Meet Our Founder

TMI founder, Tiffany Jana, created the world’s first B Corporation with a diversity and inclusion focus.

Tiffany Jana founded the first iteration of the company as Catalyst Communications in 2003. She co-founded the second iteration, a Virginia Partnership, as TMI in 2010. Dr. Jana merged the two businesses in 2012 when TMI sought B Corp Certification. The new company, TMI Consulting Inc, was incorporated as a Virginia Benefit Corporation to institutionalize the social mission of the enterprise. TMI Consulting Inc was merged with the previous businesses and Dr. Jana has been the CEO and majority owner since 2003.

Dr. Jana grew a company committed to helping organizations and communities engage challenging issues—not simply for marketing and PR, but to improve social and organizational outcomes. TMI has become a sought-after consultancy for inclusivity and engagement in diverse populations. In 2017, Tiffany Jana became the sole owner of TMI Consulting and founded TMI’s first subsidiary, Loom Technologies, a technology company that helps organizations map, measure, and improve organizational culture using the power of artificial intelligence. Loom Technologies is also a Virginia Benefit Corporation, as embedding social mission into corporate DNA has become one of Dr. Jana’s professional passions. Dr. Jana and her leadership team are expanding TMI in 2018 to include a holding company and media division.  The resulting conglomerate will be a network of socially responsible, interconnected companies built to enrich the lives of business owners, employees and communities around the world.