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A step in the right direction: AP Stylebook greenlights singular ‘they’

The Hodges Partnership, The Gong Blog

Jun 20, 2017

Our CEO Dr. Tiffany Jana is quoted by the Hodges Partnership in a recent article announcing the AP Stylebook’s inclusion of ‘they’ as a singular pronoun.

Dr. Jana comments, “The use of non-gendered pronouns is important in daily life as it helps create an atmosphere of inclusivity. If Dale Carnegie’s assertion that the sound of someone’s own name is the sweetest sound they can hear, then I would posit that the correct use of pronouns is just as sweet to those for whom it matters. People who don’t struggle to get others to understand and respect their gender identity are privileged to have a non-experience in this area. Just imagine being constantly called the wrong pronoun, and by extension the wrong gender, every single day. It’s an incessant reminder of one’s otherness and is not a very welcoming experience at all. The inclusive use of ‘they’ finally removes assumption, judgment, and exclusion from our foundational lexicon.” Read more

Four ways to confront your unconscious biases and forge meaningful connections with others

Greater Good Magazine

Jun 15, 2017

Read Matthew Freeman’s recent article on how to best confront your unconscious biases in order to create more meaningful connections.

At a recent retreat I facilitated focused on social change, a diverse group of people gathered, from company and foundation executives to grassroots activists and public housing residents. Their goal? To confront their own biases, form relationships across differences, and start to rebuild trust in their community. In our politically polarized society, the authentic conversations they had about race, religious differences, and our country’s often painful history were rare, courageous, and transformative. Read More

Bias, Privlege, and the Power of Personal Narrative

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

May 12, 2017

Tiffany Jana, Founder and CEO of TMI Consulting, was the presenter during the Lunch General Session on Day 2. Her insights on bias, privilege, and the power of personal narrative provided a mid-day boost of inspiration to a full house of over 1400 attendees. Thank you to Prudential for sponsoring this session.

What Millennials Learned About Bias From This Harvard Test

Psychology Today

May 8, 2017

Imagine coming home to a cute 20-year old who is always excited to see you, calls out “Missed you, darling” when you return home from work, and with whom there is never any conflict. The Gatebox male designers who created holographic virtual girl, Azuma Hikari, have just revealed their bias for a certain type of female companion.

There’s nothing intrinsically bad about that, of course; bias—the tendency to favor one thing over another—is the mental shortcut we all use to successfully navigate complex environments when bombarded with more information than we can possibly cope with. “The problem comes,” says Tiffany Jana, co-author of Overcoming Bias: Building Relationships Across Differences, “when you allow unconscious biases—or blindspots—to influence your behavior and the way you treat others.” This issue is increasingly crucial for millennials who soon, if not already, will lead more diverse groups than ever before.
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Overcoming Bias featured in Fast Company

Fast Company

Apr 10, 2017

“When you allow unconscious biases—or blind spots—to influence your behavior and the way you treat others.” This is a reality that businesses know all too well as they struggle to craft more inclusive workplaces. And it’s one that millennials—the most diverse generation in the workforce right now (at least until gen-Z enters offices in greater numbers)—have grown up hearing about. more…

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