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Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Firm is Expanding and Hiring


Jan 8, 2018

TMI is primarily a diversity and inclusion strategy consulting firm. They’ve been in Richmond four 15 years and, now, they’re expanding and hiring.

Tiffany Jana, the firm’s CEO, explained that most of their clients are government organizations or banks. “If you’ve got a group of people working together towards a common goal, we can make sure that “people stuff” doesn’t get in the way of productivity.”

She said up until now everything TMI has been doing has been analog. “We have field tested, validated instruments that allow us to, actually, quantify organizational diversity and inclusion and what we’re doing now is launching a tech company called Loom Technologies that can map, measure, and improve organizational culture using the power of artificial intelligence.”

Jana said TMI expects to hire eight to 10 people this year. “Both on the tech side and we need for administrative and project management support as well.”

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Henrico to form committee following racist Short Pump MS video


Oct 31, 2017

Watch this interview on NBC12

What is the next step in helping the community heal, following that disturbing locker room video at Short Pump Middle School?

“Unfortunately, what we’re seeing at Short Pump Middle school is they’ve created an environment where they have not been clear what is okay…definitely a symptom of what is likely a larger problem,” says Tiffany Jana, the CEO of TMI Consulting. It’s a Richmond-based firm that focuses on helping companies work on diversity and inclusion.

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A Sneaky Bias Pervading Our Society

Boomer Magazine

Oct 25, 2017

The phrase “having a senior moment” may seem like a harmless thing to say, but it can convey an unconscious age bias. “So much of ageism is unconscious bias, unintentionally ingrained in our thoughts,” says Dr. Tracey Gendron, vice chair of VCU’s Department of Gerontology.

Bias in its simplest form is “a preference for one thing over another. You can have a bias for pizza versus vegetables, for instance,” says Matthew Freeman, who along with his wife, Tiffany Jana, authored Overcoming Bias. The couple also owns TMI Consulting, a Richmond-based diversity and inclusion strategy consulting firm.

“Bias becomes problematic when you have bias against people or groups of people,” Freeman adds.

Bias is a natural reaction meant to…

Exclusive Interview with Tiffany Jana

Boss on Purpose

Oct 17, 2017

Check out Boss on Purpose’s exclusive interview with our CEO Tiffany Jana. Tiffany shares how she designed a business around her passion and layer by layer grew the business into an internationally sought after consulting firm. Find out more here >>

We Assume Too Much.

Benjamin Graham Blog

Oct 2, 2017

Overcoming Bias by Tiffany Jana and Matthew Freeman was featured on Ben Graham, Australian UX designer’s blog. Ben states “We assume too much. We assume all kinds of things about technical tasks, other people or just about anything… Our brains are wired to assume and patch together information to form something we believe is more concrete. However what we think is a concrete thought, fact or perception can be loosely tied-together and inaccurate information.” His notes look at Overcoming Bias from a design thinking lense, imagining the impact of bias on his field of design and technology. Read more here.

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