Helping you move the needle

Let us help you quantify your organizational inclusion. We don’t just talk about moving the needle, we show you where the needle is and provide intervention strategies to get you to your goals.

We implement a broad array of diversity resources and interventions

  • audience response technology

    TMI helps clients ask questions and gather feedback, using handheld wireless polling devices. We use the technology to provide our clients real-time, valuable data to engage, monitor, and measure learning progress. Also, it’s just plain fun!

  • change management & strategic planning

    We help organizations define their mission, vision, and values through a diversity and inclusion lens. We help define and support control mechanisms for guiding the strategy implementation.

  • civic engagement

    Part of our vision is to improve the quality of life in communities through inclusive political and non-political processes. If you are a convener with a community challenge or concern, give us a call.

  • conference plenary sessions

    We deliver 15 – 60 minute headliner keynotes for conferences around the world.

  • executive & performance coaching

    We help organizations and individuals improve performance through leadership development. We have ICF and ICC coaches ready to guide you to the next level!

  • focus groups/interviews

    We perform qualitative research with groups to help clients understand their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or design.

  • mixed-method organizational assessments

    TMI has developed a dynamic set of qualitative and quantitative organizational assessments to measure the current and future state of your organizational culture. Our methodology includes a statistical analysis of organizational diversity, inclusion, engagement, and leadership. Delivering training is easy. Measuring impact and progress is not. We provide accountability and transparency with our organizational development processes.

  • organizational culture measurement, management, and design

    Diversity and inclusion is the core of TMI’s work. Everything we do is done through a culturally inclusive lens. Our team has lived and worked on 6 continents. (If you have contacts in Antarctica, let us know!) While TMI is only 13 years old, our team has many decades of collective experience that we bring to help solve your most challenging organizational culture challenges. There’s no need to guess or wonder how to improve your company culture, we can audit, measure, and help you design, plan, and recruit for the workplace of the future.

  • performance management

    We help define, support, and audit both formal and informal employee performance and recognition processes. Our consultants are certified in various performance management tools, so we can choose the best fit for you, or work with our research and performance team to develop customized solutions.

  • social enterprise & startup coaching

    Our team of consultants has decades of experience building and leading successful ventures. We would love to help you navigate a new journey, or take your business to the next level. TMI is the first Certified Benefit Corporation in its industry worldwide, and we are highly sought after for our social enterprise expertise. Whether you are curious about the benefits of social enterprise, or you have a firmly established triple bottom-line, we are here to help you help the world.

  • stakeholder engagement

    Do you need help understanding your stakeholders’ needs or getting them to understand yours? We help companies engage their stakeholders in dialogue to find out what issues matter to them in order to improve decision-making and accountability.

  • subject matter expert keynotes

    Need a diversity speaker? Are you looking for something out-of-the-box? We deliver globally renowned talks on subjects that speak to the human experience. Whether challenging groups to innovate beyond their greatest vision, or helping individuals unlock their infinite potential, TMI’s speakers resonate with audiences and conveners alike.

  • surveys

    We collect and analyze data using anonymous live polling, online surveys, focus groups, interviews, and archival audits.

  • team and community meetings

    Are you tired of unproductive, boring meetings? Hire TMI to help design and facilitate an engaging, thought-provoking team or community meeting that will have people engaging in constructive dialogue during and after the session.

  • team-building

    Let us help get your group unstuck. We provide work groups with the resources they need to increase their ability to work together toward a common goal. We help teams increase trust, support one another, and respect individual differences.

  • training

    We deliver onsite and remote learning sessions for every level of our clients’ organizations on a wide array of topics including: diversity and inclusion, harassment and discrimination, emotional intelligence, unconscious bias, conflict resolution, TMI Inclusion Academy™, Enneagram Personality Typology, presentation skills, and Inclusion for Innovation®. We also create customized learning solutions for clients with unique needs and have a growing list of offerings.