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Skyler Broughman

Skyler’s passion for diversity, inclusion and equality has brought him to TMI as the administrative manager.  He works with the staff to plan, organize and implement administrative office systems to…

Milgo Yonis

Nicknamed the “Force Multiplier” for her collaborative and problem solving abilities. Milgo is TMI’s resident Product Developer. Her passion for working with people across disciplines, coupled with her strong foundation in…

angela t. wilkes tmi

Angela T. Wilkes

Angela delivers solid returns on her clients’ investments through skillful sourcing of diverse vendors. An insightful and strategic thinker with a collaborative leadership style, she consistently demonstrates the ability to…

sabet stroman

Sabet Stroman

In both her professional pursuits and volunteer service, Sabet Stroman has nurtured growth among leaders, employees, and the organizations they compose. Prior to starting her own business, Sabet served in…


David Campt

Dr. Campt has degrees from Princeton and UC Berkeley, and has led White House efforts to evaluate and publicize racial reconciliation programs, and designed and delivered courses to philanthropists about…


Rob Jones

With a background in Urban Studies and Psychology, Rob has a passion for understanding systems and for helping people make connections to each other and their projects. He is an urban…


Jamaal Crone

Jamaal has worked in outreach and service programs serving youth, individuals who experience homelessness, trauma, incarceration, substance abuse, and severe mental illness for over a decade. I use techniques that emphasize validation,…


Deborah Egerton

Dr. Egerton is a highly sought-after diversity and inclusion thought leader, executive coach, and speaker. She has been the proprietor of a pioneering diversity consulting firm for nearly 20 years. Dr….


Melissa Weaver

Melissa has the ability to create an environment centered on positive energy, capacity for change, and collaborative spaces. She views life through a lens of possibility, potential, and self-actualization and…


Chaz Barracks

We all have a story to tell. Often, those stories are filled with adversity, challenge and triumph. Chaz Barracks believes that we can harness the power of these personal narratives…

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